40 BEFORE 40

  1.   Plan and pull off a family reunion
  2.   Epic – 40th b-day bash with my best friends
  3.   Start and maintain a blog for at least 3 – 4 years ( started 10/2017)
  4.   Take an Etiquette  class
  5.   Take Lynda classes for a year
  6.   Write a will
  7.   Learn how to make a fancy meal/take a cooking class
  8.   Start a Business (Lewis Creative Solutions, in 2016)
  9.   Go ‘Natural’ – Natural Hair Journey (started in 2015)
  10.   Read the Bible cover to cover at least once (started the God & Glam Bible Study 12/03/17)
  11.   Get a tattoo
  12.   Be debt free (started my debt free journey 11/2016)
  13.   Save a 6 month emergency fund
  14.   Have multiple streams of income
  15.   Buy my dream car – BMW X6
  16.   Get a Masters Degree  (Masters Degree in Health Care Management, 2011)
  17.   Obtain relevant certification in my field (Became ABQAURP certified in Health Care Quality, 2016)
  18.   Become a certified Legal Nurse Consultant
  19.  Take an uber expensive, lavish vacation for 1 whole week
  20.  Visit at least 1 destination on each continent  (see my travel bucket list here)
    1. Africa
    2. Antartica
    3. Asia
    4. Australia
    5. Europe
    6. North America
    7. South America
  21.   Visit at least 3 of the 7 (Old) Wonders of the World
  22.   See the (New) Wonders of the World
  23.   Go camping/glamping
  24.   Blow $500 gambling in Las Vegas
  25.   Pet a sloth
  26.   Ride in a Hot Air Balloon and/or a helicopter ride
  27.  Get a motorcycle license
  28.  Cirque du Soleil  (2015 in Las Vegas) (2016 OVO in Atlantic City)
  29.  Binge watch every season of Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy & Breaking Bad
  30.  Take a Road trip across several states, with no real destination
  31.  Start and max out roth IRA each year
  32.  Be caught up for retirement
  33.  Own a home
  34.  Have at least 1 income property
  35.  Lose 40 lbs
  36.  Eat 90% plant based diet
  37.  Go snorkeling in a coral reef
  38.  Spend the night in a legit haunted house
  39.  Participate in an Iron Man/ Spartan Race/ Tough Mudder etc
  40.  Enjoy the rest of my 30s. I’ve got plenty of time.